Here at MILLIANNA we take pride in the fact that each piece in our collection is handmade with care using the highest quality materials.  Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and each piece is painstakingly inspected upon completion.

Our talented group of artisans creates each piece by hand using a variety of techniques.  Many pieces, such as our Geta Earrings and intricate bibs are woven cut crystal with needle and thread.  Others, such as the Erte Collection are hand knotted on silk cord.  Wire wrapping is used on pieces like the Tena Choker.  Finally, many pieces such as our Dynasty Bib and Micro Cuffs are hand strung, and attached to our proprietary python skin magnetic clasp.  Our artisans are constantly evolving their techniques to find the best way to make our pieces without compromising quality or aesthetics.  

One of the hallmarks of our design and craftsmanship is our proprietary magnetic closure, which features in many of our pieces.  Our clasp has been trademarked, and was designed and developed by Co-Founders Sharmilla Persaud and Arianna Brooke.  Our clasps are crafted with hand-painted python skins and sourced from Italy and France.  We work with an American belt maker who creates the finished clasp by enclosing the neodymium magnets in leather, and stamping the MILLIANNA logo on the inside of the clasp. 

The modern and elegant look has not only rendered the clasp essential to our design, but has come to be expected by our customers.  It has proven so popular that some women prefer to wear their cuffs with the clasp facing out as opposed to the crystals.  The popularity of the MILLIANNA clasp is also due to its simple functionality.  The MILLIANNA clasp ensures ease of use while giving your piece a unique look.   

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