Milli's Sample Room

Everyone who has ever worked for a fashion house knows that one of the best perks of the job is getting access to the sample room.   When Sharmilla and I worked together for an amazing fashion company, we would take our breaks in the sample room and come out with little gems.  Often they were one-of-a-kind items that for whatever reason, didn't make it into the collection.  Sometimes it was a piece that had some tiny flaw or maybe it was an item that went down the runway.  Every time we went, it was a fantastic treasure hunt and to this day, I still have some of those pieces in my closet.  

At MILLIANNA, we thought it would be fun to offer you a version of the same thing.  So, without further ado, Welcome to MILLI's Sample Room!  Here you too can score pieces that are unique, often not available in the main collection, AND the best part of all, is that they are very well priced!  Enjoy!


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